The first 0 Euro Souvenir was launched in 2015 by the French entrepreneur Richard Faille. With his company Euro Banknote Memory, he has reached an agreement with the printing company Oberthur to print euro banknotes with a value of 0 euro. These notes are fully compliant with the highest European Banknote Security standards.

Meanwhile, the success of the 0 Euro Souvenir has extended over the EU and many other countries in the world (click here for a list) and we as Blitha-Vereycken NV can proudly call ourselves the exclusive official licensee on Belgian and Luxembourgian territories.  

“We offer official 0 Euro Souvenir banknotes to various Belgian and Luxembourgian partners. Our banknotes are greatly appreciated by collectors and tourists. We emphasize sustainable cooperation with museums, leisure parks, organizations, etc. in order to support them in their future development. We provide them an additional guaranteed income, with a minimum investment.  In addition, the banknotes are also an ideal advertising medium”  (Jan Vereycken, CEO)