Liège – Le perron – 100 pieces


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Listed as an exceptional heritage site in Wallonia, the Perron is undoubtedly the most important symbol of the Ardent City. Going back to obscure times, it very quickly became the emblem first of the authority of the Prince-Bishops, then of sovereignty and municipal autonomy.

Gradually, it symbolized all the freedoms of Liège. It can be found wherever the city of Liège is concerned. Whether in the coat of arms, on various monuments and signs, and until today stylized in the logo of the City of Liège.

This icon of the Liberties of Liège became so strong that the monument was removed from its base by Charles the Bold in 1468 to be transported to Bruges where it was exhibited. Ten years later, it was brought back from Bruges by Prince-Bishop Louis de Bourbon.

The monument underwent various renovations or modifications, notably by Jean del Cour in the 17th century who added the three Graces and made it into a fountain. Later, certain elements were replaced, such as the busts above the doors of the Town Hall or the Three Graces, the original of which is on display at the Grand Curtius.

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